Pumpkins from JP Total

Pumpkins from JP Total

It’s time for pumpkins again and since it was fairly cold and a little drizzly, we stayed close to home.  We had planned on going to Chatfield, but decided to go to JP total and find some pumpkins.  As always, they have a lot of nice pumpkins of all shapes and sizes along with gourds and some really delicious Apple Cider from Palisade.

While they tend to be a bit more expensive than the grocery stores, then pumpkins are good and it’s fun to let the kids run around a bit and be able to see and choose them much more easily than taking the top pumpkin from a big box.

The seeds from this fine, orange scary face are large and full and are soaking tonight in salt water to be toasted tomorrow.  It’s a bit more work to get the seeds out, but they make a great snack and are very simple to make.

Carving it out with my daughter tonight brought back many memories of Halloween’s gone by.  Years of costumes and candy, to me, from me and now to my kids with me.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween, but always participated because it was a day to have some fun and be with friends.  But now, seeing it through my kids eyes, it brings new light and inspiration as they get more and more excited as each day brings them closer to Halloween…