The primary attractions of the I-70 “Gateway to the Rockies” are scenic views from popular event centers and mountain recreation on pristine preserved acres. The magical landscape of the Old West remains for visitors, residents and wildlife within 20 minutes of Denver. New residential development, visible from I-70 between Lookout Mountain exit 256 and Genesee Park exit 254, camouflage 8,000 preserved acres in the area beyond the highway. Travelers into high altitude neighborhoods discover vistas of the Denver metro area, Clear Creek Canyon, the Continental Divide, Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests, Evergreen and Bear Creek Canyon.

Lariat Trail AKA Lookout Mountain Road
Buffalo Bill’s Grave & Museum and Pahaska Lodge
Boettcher Mansion Event Center
JeffCo’s Lookout Mountain Nature Center & Preserve
Denver’s Genesee Park
Denver’s Buffalo Herd
Denver’s Chief Hosa Lodge & Campground
Historic Beaver Brook Trail
Jefferson County’s Apex Park
Jefferson County’s Matthews-Winters Park
Jefferson County’s Windy Saddle Park
Mount Vernon Country Club
Mother Cabrini Shrine
Rockland Community Church
Lookout Mountain Community Church
The “Sculptured House” on Genesee Mountain

Note: All Denver Mountain Parks (and structures within), the Lariat Trail, Boettcher Mansion, Mother Cabrini Stone House and some private homes are listed with the National Register of Historic Places.