Things to do in Evergreen (for little or no money)

Here’s a list of things to do in Evergreen for little or no cost that we’ve been building for some time.

  1. Walk around Evergreen Lake.
  2. Walk through the downtown area and window shop and have lunch.
  3. Pet the kittens that are up for adoption at Chow Down.
  4. Take a drive up Mt. Evans (especially good in the fall).
  5. Go ice skating on the lake (in the Winter).
  6. Go paddle boating on the lake (in the Summer).
  7. Visit Hiwan Homestead historical museum and park.
  8. Open Mic Night at The Ice House (Thursday’s at 6:00 PM) and Friday night music night.
  9. See if Evergreen Players has a show.
  10. If it’s Friday, check out the Last Friday Gallery Walk.
  11. If it’s Wednesday in the Summer, see about the Free Lake Concerts.
  12. Go GeoCaching.

Near By Parks and Hiking

  1. Alderfer / Three Sisters Park
  2. Bell Park
  3. Bergen Park
  4. Bergen Peak
  5. Corwina Park
  6. Cub Creek Park
  7. Dedisse Park
  8. Elephant Butte Park
  9. Elk Meadow Park
  10. Evergreen Mountain
  11. Flying J Ranch
  12. Genesee Park
  13. Hiwan Homestead Museum and Park
  14. Lair ‘O the Bear Park
  15. Maxwell Falls
  16. Mt. Evans Elk Management Area – (previous post)
  17. Mount Falcon Park
  18. O’Fallon Park
  19. Parmalee Gulch Park
  20. Pence Park
  21. Stagecoach Park