Evergreen to downtown Denver: 35 minutes
Evergreen to Denver Tech Center: 50 minutes
Evergreen to Cherry Creek Shopping Center: 45 minutes


Approximately 150 square miles. Since there are no defined city limits, this is an approximate size.


7040 feet above sea level at Evergreen Lake
8270 feet above sea level at Conifer Shopping Center


Summer average temperature: high 70’s to low 80’s
Winter average temperature: 5 to mid-40’s
Average days of sunshine: 296 per year
Average humidity: below 33%
Average precipitation: 20 inches annually
Average snowfall: 90 inches annually
Summer generally brings sunny days with an occasional afternoon shower. Winter snows are generally brief and followed by warm, sunny days that melt the snow.


Approximately 40,000 people throughout the entire area; 20,600 postal addresses.


Unincorporated. Jefferson County government in nearby Golden administers, 3 elected County Commissioners.


Electricity: Xcel Energy Co. or Intermountain Rural Electric Assoc.
Gas: natural gas by Xcel Energy Co., Colorado Natural Gas or propane through many local suppliers
Water/Sewer: Evergreen Metro District or other community districts; private wells and septics are most common outside districts

Municipal Services

Police: Jefferson County Sheriff, headquartered in Golden, Colorado
Fire: local volunteer Fire departments, highly rated
Medical: clinics in Bergen Park, Evergreen and Conifer.
Volunteer ambulance/EMT service throughout area
Flight for Life emergency helicopter based in Denver
Major medical centers in Denver
Hospice and elderly care centers in Evergreen


Daily: Denver Post. Weekly: Canyon Courier , High Timber Times, Hustler.
Monthly: Serenity, Mountain Connection
Radio: all Denver stations are available, no local stations
Television: all Denver stations are available, unless restricted by terrain. Cable and/or satellite dish service throughout area.

Voting Requirements

Must be a resident for 32 days in Colorado, 18 years of age, a citizen of the US and a registered voter. You may register at the Motor Vehicle Office in Evergreen.

Motor Vehicle Laws

Colorado license plates and a Colorado driver’s license should be obtained within 30 days after establishing residency. If your current out-of-state license is valid, you need only pass a written exam and eye test.


Retail sales tax: 4.3% (lower than Denver!)
State income tax: 5% of federal taxable income
Property tax: 9.74% of appraised value times mil levy, usually results in a tax bill of 1%-1.5% of value of property

Real Estate

Average selling price as of December, 2004 according to the Evergreen/Conifer MLS service was $388,227. Prices range from $250,000 to over $2,000,000.